• Data Backups 

  • PC Maintenance & Repair

  • Network Support

  • Phone Support

  • Security Camera Systems

IT Solutions​

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Hard Drive Backup

Data Backups

We offer Cloud and Local Backups for PCs, Servers, and other devices such as cell phones & tablets.
We protect all of your Devices.


PC Maintenance & Repair

We help you regain lost time from slow PCs by maintaining, repairing, updating, and upgrading the equipment On-Site and by Remote PC management. This helps to minimize costly downtime and any emergency repairs.

Electronic Board

Network Support

 We offer support and maintenance for your Servers, Routers, Firewalls, Printers, Wireless devices and even network cabling. With On-Site and Remote maintenance, helps to keep any repair costs minimal.

Desk Telephone

Phone Support

We offer support for any company managed Phone system. From simple phone name changes to groups and extensions, etc. We can manage all changes and updates that you have and or need.

Security Camera

Security Camera Systems

We install and maintain Security Camera Systems, no matter how many cameras you would need or want. Systems can be set up for mobile viewing and recorded playback. We help you protect your property.


The CRJ Way

We here at CRJ are committed to offering you the best quality and pricing possible. We work with both Commercial and Residential clients. And we always look to provide IT Solutions for the Future of Now!