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Here are the Services that we offer.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us.

PC Maintenance & Repair


Professional PC maintenance can prevent unforeseen problems from resulting in data loss, and helps to maximize the efficiency of your technology. It can help you regain lost time from slow PCs. By doing routine maintenance for a PC, it helps to make your computer faster and more secure. Managing updates, checking for viruses, maintaining your hard drive, and even running Data Backups, along with other tasks all help to keep your PCs in great condition. Even dirt and dust buildup in and around your PC can clog the fans and air intakes which will cause your PC to run hotter and lowers its expected life span.

We help you regain lost time from slow PCs by maintaining, repairing, updating, and upgrading the equipment On-Site and by Remote PC management. This helps to minimize costly downtime and any emergency repairs.

Network Support


We offer support for your Network by routine maintenance of your existing network or even just as part of your internal IT support team. We can range from testing and troubleshooting issues to regular maintenance. It all depends on the needs of your Network. Just like PCs, other Network equipment needs routine maintenance as well in order to get the best performance and efficiency from them. Regularly maintaining Servers and running Data Backups for them is a critical part of Network security and support. 

 We help keep your Network running at an optimum level. We offer Support and Maintenance for your Servers, Routers, Firewalls, Printers, Wireless devices and even network cabling. By having On-Site and Remote maintenance, always helps to keep repair costs to a minimum.

Security Camera Systems


We install and maintain Security Camera Systems, no matter how many cameras you would need or want. We can either upgrade your current System or we can start fresh.


Surprisingly, a lot of Business Camera Systems are still a CCTV system, which are old and severely outdated. They are too pixelated and can barely pull a clear picture. More and more people are switching away from CCTV and are replacing with IP Camera Systems. IP Camera Systems currently have resolution up to 4k, that is 4 times clearer than HD. They can also be set up for mobile viewing and recorded playback is always a feature. 


We help you protect your property!

Phone Support


Network Phone Support is always critical for Staff and even your customers. We offer support for any company managed Phone and Voicemail system. From phone name and extension number changes to adding or changing groups and call routes for your customers calling in and for staff, employee voicemail boxes, etc. No more 2nd guessing on how or when to make the alterations.


We can manage any of the Phone changes or updates that you want and or need. 

Data Backups


We offer not only Local Backups of your Data, but a Cloud solution as well. Data loss can be caused by many things ranging from computer viruses to hardware failures to file corruption to theft and even mother nature. The main reason for data backups is to save important files in case of a system crash or a hard drive failure occurs. There should always be additional data backups.

The only way to protect a business against valuable data loss is by regular backups. This is why we offer Cloud and Local Backups for your PCs, Servers, and other devices, even cell phones & tablets.

We protect all of your Devices!

Website & SEO Support

Image by Ilya Pavlov

CRJ is well versed in the Web Design realm. We update and upgrade current Websites. As well as, create new Company sites.
We provide start to finish full website design with SEO Support and Marketing for your Business. Not only do we handle your Google My Business page for you, but we provide many options for Social Media Marketing. We strive to help get you more Google Reviews! The best way to make money is to spend money in Marketing and Website Design.

Let us help take your Business to the next level!


Additional Services


With any IT Service, there are so many different pieces to the puzzle, so to speak. Ranging from swapping out a mouse to complex Network issues. There is no IT job that is unnecessary. Routine maintenance for all devices is essential in keeping every piece of equipment for your home or business, running smoothly and efficiently. Not only do we offer all the IT Services that you see here on our website, but we also do custom PCs and PC Repair. With decades of experience in the IT world. We can handle anything that you may want or need.

We here at CRJ are committed to offering you the best quality and pricing possible. We work with both Commercial and Residential clients. And we always look to provide IT Solutions for the Future of Now!

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